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health record NG

keep accurate records for easy diagnosis, continuity of treatment, even across multiple centers…

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Smooth Running

The EHRS is designed to help run the hospital smoothly while still maintaining the quality of treatment. It makes it easy to track a patient’s health record, medical history of family relations, thereby giving a good diagnosis.

Unlimited Number of Users/Clinics

The EHRS is built to allow unlimited numbers of patients, practitioners, and clinic branch registration

Scalable and Safe Database

The system is built with security as one of its topmost priorities to avoid leakage of sensitive data to unauthorized persons/hackers. The database is easily scalable to fit in any size

For Practitioners

EHR NG is designed to help Practitioners easily enter their patients record, fetch relevant health history, communicate with other practitioners, keep track and manage appointments and follow up on their patients.

Patient Health Record

With the PHR mobile app, patients can track their health history and lab result, get medication reminders and see their compliance rate, get health tips and reach out to their registered clinic for follow up, complaint and appointment booking.

Centralized/Segmented Database

EHRS is built to help corporations with multiple centers easily manage all centers via the centralized/segmented system. This also aids data sharing and continuity of treatment across multiple centers possible.

Ease of Use

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a cloud healthcare platform that makes work with patient medical data comfortable and highly effective